The Art of Johrei – Volume I

What is Johrei?

It is an inexhaustible source of Light, liberated by God to the universe that can be channeled through the palm of the hand, constituting a method of treatment of the New Era. Johrei brings, as result, the cure of all the physical and spiritual diseases, creating like this a peace world and prosperity. Actually, it will be, in the new millennium, a powerful renovating source of energy of the humanity’s life.
This work contains here is in its essence Meishu Sama’s basic Teachings on Johrei, It is not one more text for reading, but especially as a resource, placed to the disposition of all, seeking to help them during the suffering periods.

In that way, each one can accomplish your own experience. Trying to channel the Light of God through the hands, it will have opportunity to try the extraordinary and positive effects of such powerful energy.

On the other hand, each reader, when verifying the power of Johrei, will have opportunity to transmit to the friends and family the results of the own researches, as well as your personal conclusions.

The Hand that eliminates the suffering of the World!

On June 22, 1952, the Editor-boss of an important French newspaper accomplished an interview regarding the mission what Meishu Sama was devoted in the Earth.

On that occasion, the journalist wanted to photograph Meishu Sama’s hand for, later, to publish it under the title: The hand that eliminates the suffering of the World.

Having received the Master’s ok immediately, the picture was made. Actually, with that permission, Meishu Sama was manifesting the desire that one more channel of Light was offered to who looks for the way of the truth.

It was with the intention of turning public that special will of Meishu Sama that the picture was placed, in this book, illustrating the book cover.

Price: R$40,00
Language: Portuguese (Brazil)