Collection of Salms – Volume I

First Part: God is

The collection of salms composed by Meishu Sama that for now is being published starting from the Japanese original with the correspondent transcription in romaji (Roman letter) and also translation for the Portuguese, was organized with objective of presenting, of the theological point of view, Meishu Sama’s idea regarding God and of the humanity, as well as of the relationship between the divine and the human.

Going a beyond little, the work detaches a part of scientific character still related to the disease, to the Art and the Great Nature.

Inside of that reasoning line, the work was divided in three volumes, to know: I – God; II – Man; III – God and the Man. For your time, the first volume, it is constituted of three parts: first – God is; second- I Glide of God; third – Kannon and Meishu Sama.

We judged to be that form, the salms were organized, to ideal to help the people to understand them with more depth the Divine Teachings. Then the importance not just of the reading and meditation on the content of each salms, but mainly of the practical exercise in the daily life of that that Meishu Sama transmitted us through poems composed with the replete heart of love to the humanity.

We also advised to sing and to pray the original in Japanese. Of that it sorts things out, the mamehito little by little will get to harmonize with Meishu Sama’s kototama and, as result, enjoy the countless thanks and blessings of the heaven, besides competing for the spiritual change of the atmosphere where the psalm is being intoned.

We wanted this collection of salms to swallow all readers a lot of Light and explanation for they could reach a larger level of spiritual elevation and they have like this conditions of living in communion with God.

Price: R$30,00
Language: Portuguese (Brazil)