Mystery of the Great Nature

Now one of the concerns of highest relevance is about the alimentary methods used by the man in order to have conditions of staying strong in the middle where is.

The health is, therefore, the focal point of the survival of the planet and it is directly related to the indispensable nutrients to the maintenance of the life of any to be alive.

From the correct and healthy feeding, it occurs, therefore, the vital force as well as the peacefulness and the necessary balance so that all can stay strengthened and very willing.

Like this, once nurtured appropriately, each person will acquire enormous capacity for the work and, at the same time, conditions of facing with determination any difficulty with that comes across in the road of the terrestrial existence.

Then, to be primordial the consumer’s attitude, that should always stay attentive to the quality of the products offered by the market. On the other hand, it is needed to be constantly trying to know how the cultivation of the earth is accomplished, which the farmer’s spiritual level, that thought type emits when throwing the seed to the soil, as your personal relationship is rendered in the treatment with the plants.

For that, this work has the objective of offering to the readers some line-schoolmistresses that can guide them so much in what concerns the cultivation of the earth, as in the choice of a feeding of unanswerable nutritional value. Then, dipped of a spirit of deep love and respect to the humanity, the translator stopped in the parts of Meishu Sama’s Teachings that reveal the extraordinary power of reproductive of the soil, for many, still asleep in the pulp of the Great Nature as an unfathomable mystery.

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Language: Portuguese (Brazil)