Gospel of the Heaven – Volume I

This work, Gospel of the Heaven, first volume, in the essence of your content, treats of the Initiation, understood as the first stage in the way of the spiritual elevation. In this level, who wants an intense union with God needs to be willing a life change in agreement with the objectives of the process of beginning. For so much, they are necessary some basic conditions, without which a solid foundation can never be built to serve as hung to the other stages of the spiritual improving.

Getting, then, in view such objectives, it becomes indispensable condition to the beginning to have makoto, to be dipped of sense of justice, to be calm, patient, calm. In that way, little by little, readers will abandon egos and attachments and, at the same time, to create a “Me” superior.

For the reader can, however, to live this initial phase of the improving, they need to understand the purification process clearly as a form of cleaning so much of the body physical, as spiritual that will qualify them to reach higher levels of conscience.

Starting from then, they can also understand correctly the meaning of the life and of the death, as well as the true composition of the spiritual world.

Once won the stage of the initiation, automatically, the next step begins, which is, the one of the way of the Wisdom whose Teachings, in the group of this work, constitute the second volume.

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Language: Portuguese (Brazil)